BirdoTech is a chemistry services CRO headquartered in Shanghai China.  With clients across North America, Europe, and Asia, BirdoTech delivers quality products with utmost stringent criteria while meeting demanding timelines.

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest in advanced instrumentations to provide reliable data that are critical for decision-making.  To meet our clients’ demand, we employ >100 scientists and expanded our R&D labs in Shanghai and Xi’an to 4,000 m2.  Further expansion with pilot plants are in Baiyin, Gansu and Jining, Shandong.

BirdoTech specializes in:

· Medchem SAR development

· Scale-up process R&D supports

· New route development

· Assessment of cost effective raw materials

Our scientists have synthesized numerous heterocyclic scaffolds and building blocks.  These compounds are structurally diverse and can provide thoughtful starting points for drug design.  Our US based ( and Germany based offices can help with navigating through our catalog of 50,000 catalog compounds.

At BirdoTech, we pledge our full commitment to:

· Clients – Reliable high quality delivery on time, every time.

· Employees – Provide a safe and rewarding career opportunities.

· Suppliers – Become trusted partners to ensure mutual success.

· Neighbors – Benefits both the community and the environment.