Xi'an Birdo Technology Limited

Xi'an Birdo Technology Limited is located in Xi'an ShanXi, headed by Mr. Shan Yuqing, who has rich experience in pharmaceutical chemistry. The company mainly provides pharmaceutical service research and development business for European and American countries and domestic customers. It is mainly committed tothe R&D of pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates with high technical barriers, difficulty and added value.

Birdotech Europe GmbH

Birdotech Europe GmbH is located in Berlin, Germany. It mainly serves the major pharmaceutical research and development institutions in Europe, and provides support for project docking and business communication.

Abovchem LLC

Abovchem is located in San Diego, USA. As the sales platform of Birdotech, it serves customers in North America. At San Diego sales center, we established a high standard modern cold storage facility for over 20,000 compound varieties, ensuring the stability of quality and timely delivery.