BirdoTech can provide you with diversified job selections
with global vision and promotion opportunities,
as well as continuous learning opportunities and
comprehensive welfare insurance.
As a young scientific and technological innovation company in the biomedical field,we are committed to creating an efficient and open working atmosphere,and we are expecting you with competence and vitality to join the BirdoTech family. Unleash your full potential and bring your talents to a continuously developing and successful enterprise, BirdoTech is the place where you will gain a lot.
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Research Scientist/ Senior Research Scientist in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
Qualifications for this position require a Master or Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry with considerable experience. The ideal candidate will be capable of designing and conducting complex multi-step synthesis.
Senior Director of Process R&D Department
Be able to lead the process R & D team to carry out the process development...
Director of Process R&D Department
Be able to lead the process R & D teams to carry out process development, process improvement and production of high-end intermediates and APIs...
Junior Researcher
Proficient in chemical reactions and related operations, able to analyze some reaction results and familiar with conventional post-treatment and purification
Sales Specialist
Responsible for the company's product sales promotion, complete sales tasks, develop and periodically visit customers to know their need and timely collect customer's feedback
Senior Researcher
Able to design and conduct multi-step organic synthesis reactions, skillfully complete chemical reactions and difficult experimental operations
Haibo, our talent young chemist from the medicinal chemistry R&D department in Shanghai, joined BirdoTech in year 2015 and has been serving in the department for nearly 5 years.