Global linkage of BirdoTech for Making Concerted Efforts to Fight the Epidemic

March 1,2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the epidemic has touched everyone's heart in BirdoTech. In combination with its own professional advantages, BirdoTech not only donated money and anti-epidemic materials, but also developed a dialogue and communication with various R&D clinical academic institutions in the United States and Europe on the R&D of drug as early as January 20 with its branches in North America and Europe. Over the past month, BirdoTech has spared no effort to help various groups from overseas and domestic to contact and coordinate with tens of millions of anti-epidemic materials overseas to support the front line. On February 21st, Mrs. Jie Guo-Thuermann, general manager of BirdoTech European subsidiary, was invited to participate in the professional round-table conference of Nosocomial Infection in Germany, which was held in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was also attended by the chief ICU specialists of various research institutes and the heads of the German hospitals. As BirdoTech Europe is the sole representative of the industry, Mrs. Jie Guo-Thuermann, with her deep professional background in clinician and bioengineer market and years of extensive experience in the supply chain of global in-hospital medicine market, discussed in depth with the experts on the issues and prospects of in-hospital prevention and clinical treatment of COVID-19 worldwide.

It is noted that Prof. Wendtner, the attending clinical professor in Muenchen Klinik Schwabing (MKS) with the largest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Germany, gave the world's first professional sharing of the treatment process of patients with COVID-19 in Germany at the meeting.

As of February 21, Germany has received 16 patients with COVID-19 through screening, including 15 cases of clinically mild with no special treatment. There was only one 51-year-old male patient with a history of mild type II diabetes, whose condition worsened during treatment. CT showed a slightly invasive inflammatory change in lungs, Ritonavir was given clinically and the patient cured after 10 days. All patients were isolated in the negative pressure isolation ward by per person per room. Since CDOAS is important to reduce the amount of virus inhaled by patients and to prevent repeated infection, it is recommended to use a mobile air filtration facility equipped with a HEPA medical-grade filter when it is not possible to retrofit an existing filter element in the ward. In the first time after the conference, Mrs. Jie Guo-Thuermann fed back the relevant professional information to the domestic front-line clinical experts, headquarters and industry colleagues for reference.

As a global disease, COVID-19 continues to spread. BirdoTech will continue to keep its mission as always and remain committed to the cause of human health by uniting global BirdoTech to fight the epidemic.

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